Stories of the Night


Little Bear pleads for three ‘Stories of the Night’. She considers three stories equates with her three ‘pleases’.   Mother Bear obliges. The stories are familiar to Little Bear and settle her toward her slumber.

There is a night guardian who tenderly guides the animals of the forest to sleep with the chief of her gong. Every night she seeks a star to guide her toward her own sleep.

Zhora is picking blackberries. Little Bear loves the story of ‘the little girl with the sword who got lost.

Little Bear’s final story is about Bo who cannot sleep. What can be done to rest his weary mind and body?

The individual tales included in this beautiful, traditional story book are imaginative, lyrical and dreamy. ‘Stories of the Night’ is a ‘forever’ title, a gift to cherish and share, especially at bedtime.


Stories of the Night

Kitty Crowther, interpreted by Sam McCullen

(Gecko Press) – hardback

Little Bear begs Mother Bear for three ‘Stories of the Night‘- please, please, please! So Mother Bear tells stories of a night guardian, a blackberry picker and someone in search of sleep. These are tender, lyrical stories, in pink washed, night tones. ‘Stories of the Night’ is destined to become a satisfying bedtime favourite.



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