Storm Witch


The Drowned Ones launch an attack on Yanlin ahead of Storm’s Choosing day. Her skill with arrows saves the day, yet marks Storm out as someone special. Storm doesn’t need this extra attention. From her name, to her family, Storm is seen as someone different.

At her Choosing Day, she longs for the air element, Albatross, to choose her. She imagines herself as a Chanter, telling stories to Yanlin people. Yet her confused result goes against anything that Yanlin knows or expects. That confusion continues into her family and her cousin’s path. Storm’s support of him leads her to the deep mountains, and an unexpected and unwanted discovery.

‘Storm Witch‘ is a complex, fascinating, yet entirely believable construction. Ellen Renner has created a character with whom we breathe 100 breaths, wish mighty magic, and smell the salt air. Adventure lovers and readers drawn to strong fantasy worlds will relish ‘Storm Witch’. Now we have to wait until the release of its sequel, ‘Under Earth‘.

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Storm Witch

Ellen Renner

(Nosy Crow)

It is Storm’s Choosing day. Which of the four elements will choose her? It cannot be Turtle (Earth) for she does not have her mother’s manual talents.  Dolphin (water) taunts her. Yet, he betrayed her through the loss of her father at sea. Could Albatross, the air element, choose her? She might become a Chanter, a story teller for Yanlin, her island home.
Little does Storm know what is ahead for her or her family. Her ability with arrows, with words, with the elements suggests confusion. She could not become a ‘Storm Witch‘, could she?


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