Storyland has been adapted for children by author and illustrator Amy Jeffs, based on her best-selling book for adults.  Young readers are taken on a fabulous journey of discovery through the myths and legends of ancient Britain.  These stories, passed down by generations offer an alternative history of our country.  We learn how Britain, and its constituent countries, were formed and how they may have got their names.  At the end of each story, the author, also a historian, places the characters and tales in their historical context.  The black and white illustrations skilfully evoke the mysterious sense of place.

A particularly strong element of the stories are their origins in migration and tell of the need for belonging.  All the stories are based on interpretations of the myths by Medieval scholars and range from pre-biblical times, up to the arrival of the Normans in the 11th century.

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Discover the Myths and Lost Legends of Britain

Written and illustrated by Amy Jeffs

(Wren & Rook)

Soaked in mist and old magic,​ Storyland has been adapted for young readers by Amy Jeffs, from her best-selling book for adults.  It is a new illustrated mythology of Britain, set in its wildest landscapes.
It begins by following the footsteps of the earliest generation of giants from an age when they walked the earth.  These tales lead to the founding of Britain, England, Wales and Scotland.  Thence we travel through the wars between Britons, Saxons and Vikings. Finally, the story ends with the arrival of the Normans and the return of the giant Gogmagog.
The author retells medieval tales of legend, landscape and the yearning to belong.  Many of the characters will be unfamiliar, but Brutus, Albina, and Scota are, if the myths are believed, instrumental to the early history of Britain. Furthermore, the stories are told with great flair and are enhanced with the author’s own stunning illustrations.  What’s more, during these stories we visit sacred places and historical and prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge.  Moreover, they span the length of Britain from the Orkneys to Cornwall.  We take in the iconic landscapes of mountains and lakes, as well places that would become huge cities.  She brings to life for children the stories and characters that form the bedrock of British ancient history and myth and legend.


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