Stubby‘ turns up at an army training base. There are other strays about seeking food scraps, yet ‘Stubby‘ stays. When the troops leave for war, ‘Stubby‘ joins them- from train, to troop ship, to French village welcome, to battlefield.

There, his abilities are sorely tested as he warns the troops about enemy attack or scents poison gas. He survives trenches, gunfire and death. ‘Stubby’ is a remarkable character within an incredible true story.

Bookwagon recommends ‘Stubby’ as a story of heroism, resilience and friendship. It offers a true background to WW1. Michael Foreman’s broad canvas landscapes suggest so much; like his text, each mark is measured and impactful. ‘Stubby‘ is a wonderful, ‘forever’ story.

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A True Story of Friendship

Michael Foreman

(Andersen Press

‘Stubby’ is ‘an odd little dog with a flat face and short legs’. He turns up one day at barracks, possibly drawn by the smell of cooking. Yet this little dog stays. He becomes one of the troops. When they leave for war, he joins them, from train to troop ship, France to battle field. The little dog becomes a talisman, but also a hero. This glorious picture book tells the dog’s story. This is a history of trust, character and friendship rather like Winnie’s Great War. However, while it may seem that Stubby depends on his troops and a regular supply of food, in truth it is a reciprocal dependence.


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