Stuntboy, In the Meantime


Is it possible that parents in the ‘mean time‘ of arguing over clocks or chair or plates might be overcome by the powers of Stuntboy. That’s Portico Reeves plan. Therefore, he practises his moves, leaps, glides, bounds and rolls. What’s more he watches the superheroic skills of Super Space Warriors with Zola. She’s the one who knows about the mean time, for Portico seeks out her advice. Mostly every suggestions comes from their favourite television show. However, Gran Gran, who seems to ‘be resting her eyes‘ constantly, offers the odd piece of advice.

Not only the ‘mean time’ with its end of two apartments in Skylight Gardens for Portico to choose between, but Herbert Singletary the Worst, prove difficult for Portico. He’s determined that Stuntboy might ward off his nemesis also, particularly when he aims his taunts at Zola. However, for now it’s Stuntboy, In the Meantime.

Not only is this a highly empathetic and intuitive title from multi-award winning writer, Jason Reynolds, but it’s elevated by the expressive, vibrant graphics of Raúl the Third.

Bookwagon loves this tender, dense and considered title. Stuntboy, In the Meantime is the first title in a promised new series…

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Stuntboy, In the Meantime

Jason Reynolds, drawings by Raúl the Third

(Knights of Media)

Stuntboy, In the Meantime practises all his moves to make things better. It means that, in role, rather than as Portico Reeves, he might do ‘an untied glide’. Thereafter, he might make a ‘jumbo jump‘ or leap at ‘warp speed‘. All of this practice is aimed to make Portico be able to stand up for friends like Zola, aka Mater. Then again, it’s a way of warding off the blindsides of Herbert Singletary the Worst. However, the biggest advantage of being a superhero, is that it beats back the Frets. They’re especially frantic when it comes to Portico’s parents.
It seems that the alter ego Portico creates is not only real but essential to him. What’s more, it’s fuelled by watching Super Space Warriors with Zola. After all, isn’t every step of the ‘mean time’ that Portico’s parents exhibit somehow related to this beloved series? As the penny drops about what having two apartments might mean for him and his family, it seems being a superhero is the best decision of all.
Alongside a thoughtful, empathetic story from ‘the castle’, Skylight Gardens, Jason Reynolds has the tale amplified by the sensational graphics from Raúl the Third. Altogether, it means that Stuntboy, In the Meantime, is a graphic novel that inspires, makes us think and feel, and thereafter connect with Portico, his life, feelings and experience. What’s more, it’s the start of a series…


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