‘When I woke up this morning, it was the hottest day of the year.’ How will the boy and his grandfather share this, a day hotter than the Atacama desert, or even broccoli soup. Where will Grandpa navigate? Where can they find shade, water or a breeze?

Readers join the boy and his grandfather as they make the most of, but then seek respite from, the sun, in this heat pulsating, glowing, wildly imaginative picture book. ‘Sun‘ is a super title on its own, but sure to be loved in the company of its predecessors, Snow and Rain also.



Sam Usher


It’s hot, shatteringly hot, and the boy and his grandfather need an adventure to cope. Where will they go? What will they discover? ‘Sun‘ follows the wild magic and mystery of ‘Rain‘ and ‘Snow‘ offering opportunity and possibility and imagination. We love this book. We recommend it to readers aged from 3 years and then a few more.


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