Sunny and the Ghosts


Sunny and the Ghosts’ live in a Devon antique shop. Sunny helps his mother and father with the upkeep of the shop. He watches as his father tolerates Mr Ramsbottom’s last minute visits, and regular changes of mind. Sunny and his parents like vintage/ old stuff. They consider the history. Sunny’s Dad says of the old coat in the antique wardrobe, ‘I bet this coat could tell some stories.’

The ghosts in the shop can tell stories. They have long held wishes and dreams- to play the piano, to learn to read, to visit the seaside. Can Sunny help them? Can he ensure that Mum and Dad believe it isn’t him who’s bringing stray cats into the shop, or breaking antique china pigs? Even the ghosts aren’t sure who the mischief maker might be!

‘Sunny and the Ghosts‘ is a really appealing, imaginative,  engaging story. Bookwagon is delighted to have discovered this title.


Sunny and the Ghosts

Alison Moore, illustrated by Ross Collins

(Salt Publishing)

‘Sunny and the Ghosts‘ live in an antique shop in Devon. Walter wants to learn to read, while Herbert wants to play the piano. What does Violet want? Who is setting all the clocks and smashing the special china pigs? ‘Sunny and the Ghosts’ is a really friendly, approachable and enjoyable chapter book.


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