Super Cats


‘Super Cats‘ have exceptional powers. Tagg’s father is super strong, while his mother has super sharp, knife like claws. Sugarfoot’s mother has a tongue that can turn liquids into solids!

Tagg, and Sugarfoot creep out to attend a One Purr concert. They discover that Sugarfoot’s father is not the only Super Cat to have disappeared. Nemesissy, a Super Cat with hypnotising power, suggests it’s the work of Hamish’s gang. Can she be right? Tagg and Sugarfoot have little time to consider. Although their super powers have yet to appear, they pounce into action. Who is seizing the ‘Super Cats‘? For what reason?

This feline mystery is sure to delight readers. ‘Super Cats’ is an imaginative story, without a fur ball in sight!


Super Cats

Gwyneth Rees, illustrated by Becka Moor


On his six month birthday, Tagg discovers his destiny as one of the ‘Super Cats’. What will his super power be? Could it be super sharp claws? Extra strength jumping? Hypnotism? It’s all to be revealed! Meanwhile, there’s trouble in town. ‘Super Cats’ are going missing. What can Tagg’s ‘super’ parents do to help? Tagg is too little to take part… isn’t he?


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