Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble


Our heroes are called into action when Tiddlywinks discovers a ‘crispy’ merman during the annual Super-Dive-a-Thon. It seems hypnotising eels have commandeered the Queen of the Merfolk so that she is a Sea Witch! What’s more, she’s fixed close the singing pearl which keeps Fishopolis safe!

However travelling to Fishopolis requires a boat (which needs plugging). What’s more, a meeting with bandits leads to an extra passenger, a superhero, Horsius, who is so full of his heroism that he is rejected by all the heroes other than Hoofius, who feels inferior. Yet has Hoofius anything to fear really?

What’s more, what will happen when our heroes arrive at Merhaven to begin their mersonification? Thereafter, will they be fit to breathe beneath water and take on the quest to overwhelm the sharks and then the eels?

Matty Long’s storytelling is adventurous, witty and really absorbing. What’s more his characters are very funny and diverting. Alongside this are his illustrations which amuse and delight. Bookwagon is so happy to welcome a third title from a delicious series aboard, in Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble.

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Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble

Matty Long


It’s during the annual Dive-a-Thon, when Tiddlywinks discovers a ‘tasty treasure’. However, it is really Foam, a ‘crispy’ merman, seeking help to overcome the Sea Witch. It seems she has been hypnotised by eels so that she has closed the Singing Pearl of Fishopolis tight! What’s more, all the menfolk have ‘been captured or worse‘. Thus begins a third adventure! 
It seems that the forest’s heroes are quick to swim into action, though they will have to be mersonified that they can breathe underwater! What’s more, when they’re set upon by bandits, Horsius the Centaur appears. While he’s an action adventurer  who impresses Hoofius, the other heroes are wary of his boasts. What’s more, it seems he’s in on this adventure for a prize! How far will he go to satisfy his need?
After earlier adventures, including Super Happy Magic Forest and the Portals of Panic, we are aware of the limitations and abilities of our heroes. It means we know that Blossom will do anything for food and showing off, including karaoke. However, here, it’s Hoofius, who is having the problem, largely with appreciating his own skills. Might this be a chance for him to take the lead and realise his capabilities? Then again, what of the other heroes?
Matty Long has created such a captivating series. What’s more, the unique plot, funny characters and great illustrations divert and satisfy. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble. 


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