Super Rabbit Racers


Super Rabbit Races is the third instalment of the Press Start! series by Thomas Flintham.

Once again, Super Rabbit Boy and his friends have to stop King Viking from gaining the power he wants to destroy the fun times that everyone has in Animal Town. As the Super Cup races begin, King Viking will stop at nothing, as will his evil team, from winning the races.

There is great fun to be had in this lovely, full-colour early chapter book – this series cleverly captures the excitement and exhilarating sensation of playing computer games.

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Super Rabbit Racers

Press Start 3

Written and illustrated by Thomas Flintham

(Nosy Crow)

Super Rabbit Racers is the third in the great full-colour series by Thomas Flintham.  Sunny’s favourite game is Super Rabbit Boy, where his carrot-loving friend must thwart all the plots the evil King Viking of Boom Boom Mountain comes up with.  King Viking simply hates the fact that everyone in Animal Town is having such a lovely time.  He is a determined spoilsport, but Super Rabbit Boy is equally determined to stop King Viking!  The excitement never lets up as the races begin.
King Viking is competing in the Super Cup Grand Prix to win the power of super speed. Super Rabbit Boy and his friends, Jody Racer and Nugget, must work together to stop him!
Can they dodge King Viking’s fireballs, Robo Bobo’s long Robo-arms, Princess Pirate’s super-secret boxing gloves AND each other to win all four races? Or will King Viking stop them in their tracks.
This series perfectly captures the fun and exhilaration of playing computer games and Super Rabbit Racers is a welcome addition!  Bookwagon stocks all the Press Start series, including Game On Super Rabbit Boy.
This YouTube clip is a must for fans of the series.


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