Super Sausage to the Rescue!


In Super Sausage to the Rescue!, Harry gets more than he bargained for when he finally gets the dog he’s always wanted.  For Dottie the daschshund cross is secretly a superhero, able to fly and talk.  It’s just as well, because Harry and Dottie will have to foil a super-villain’s heinous plot.  Fortunately, Dottie is not the only superhero pet ready to save the day.

This is a funny, fast-paced and exciting thrill-ride.  Bookwagon is so happy to add it to our on-line bookstore.

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Super Sausage to the Rescue!

Rachel Morrisroe, illustrated by Jenny Taylor


When Harry brings home a new pet dog from the rescue centre, he has little idea what he is letting himself in for.  Because Dottie the daschsund cross has superpowers – he can fly and talk for example.  While Dottie spends a lot of time plotting to catch squirrels, he also plunges Harry into an exciting plot.  A supervillain is planning to talk over the world (of course) and only Harry and Dottie can stop them.  Except, Dottie is not the only superhero pet around.  So it’s Super Sausage to the Rescue!
Harry also encounters superhero pigeons and cats and it turns out that even the squirrel is undercover!  When Harry is invited to a top-secret meeting, he discovers a whole parallel world of superhero pets, all dedicated to keeping the world safe.  Even Princess Fuzzypaws, the prime minister’s Frowning Street cat is part of the crime-fighting team.  Supervillain Sparkletta, together with her sidekick Magpie Johnson have a fiendish plot which they are determined to realise.  How does Sparkletta always stay one step ahead?  It looks like there is a traitor among the superhero pets – who can it be?
Bookwagon strongly recommends this funny and fast-paced adventure story.


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