Super Sloth


Can ‘Super Sloth‘ emulate the superheroes about whom he reads on a strange leaf that floats into his ‘ordinary’ jungle? He has the cape and the disguise…

When there’s an emergency callout, ‘Super Sloth‘ springs into action as quickly as he can. Yet, Anteater is swift and guarded. He’s taken the jungle mango supplies! How can ‘Super Sloth’ possibly help? After all, aren’t sloths very, very, very slow?

‘Super Sloth‘ is such great fun reading. The characterisation, thoughtful text and winning story are rich and so enjoyable. We are delighted to welcome ‘Super Sloth‘ aboard our ‘forever’ books’ wagon.


Super Sloth

Robert Starling

(Andersen Press)- hardback

‘Super Sloth‘ examines the comic he discovers in his ‘ordinary’ jungle. He reads it constantly. With the right equipment he becomes ‘Super Sloth‘. A cry for help is all he needs to go into action! Can ‘Super Sloth‘ recover the jungle mangoes from Anteater?


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