Super Sports Stars Who Are Changing the Game


Super Sports Stars Who Are Changing the Game profiles 20 sporting greats, some famous, some much lesser known.  What they all have in common however, is that they have triumphed against some adversity and have spoken out for causes they believe. In doing so they have all made the world a better place.

Among the greats profiled in this excellent book are Britons Marcus Rashford, Tom Daley and Ellen MacArthur – all familiar figures.  However, have you heard about Ibtihaj Muhammad – the first American woman to wear a hijab in her chosen sport (fencing).  She went on to win a bronze medal in the Olympics.  How about Billy Monger, who lost both his legs in a horrific racing car accident, yet went on to win many more races.

This is a super book for all sports fans.  It also includes plenty of ideas for related activities.

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Super Sports Stars Who Are Changing the Game

Rick Broadbent, illustrated by Alexander Mostov

(Walker Books)

Super Sports Stars Who Are Changing the Game profiles 20 sports people from around the world and from history.  They all have overcome obstacles to get to the top of their sport.  What they also have in common is that they have spoken out on a cause they passionately believe in.  Their resolve and inspiration have changed not only their sport, but also the world, for the better.
Many of the names will be familiar, such as Marcus Rashford and Muhammad Ali, but many are much lesser known.   For example, Ludwig Guttmann, a German Jewish doctor who fled Germany and came to England. He set up the Stoke Mandeville National Spinal Injuries Centre for wounded soldiers. He was a great believer that sport was important in their rehabilitation, and organised the first Stoke Mandeville Games.  These became the inspiration for the Paralympics.
This book is packed full of inspirational figures from sport such as these, people who have had an impact beyond the sporting realm.  Others you may have heard of include Tom Daley, Simone Biles and Lebron James – all people who have transcended their chosen sport and have become champions.
Bookwagon also recommends Sports Legends – more detailed biographical profiles of great sporting figures.


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