Survival in Space


There is a seeming public apathy shown toward the space race by the time Commander Jim Lovell leads Apollo 13 to the moon. He and crew members Jim Sweigert and Fred Haise trained determinedly for this expedition, following in the wake of the successful first lunar landing eight months earlier. However, when one broken wire causes a small electrical fire aboard their lunar capsule, their expedition and lives are at risk.

Survival in Space is David Long’s account of this historic mission. He explains the history of the 20th century space race, from craft building, mechanics, trial, error and success. Furthermore, Stefano Tambellini’s detailed drawings help us understand the plans and stages, including how the fuel stages work at each section of the journey, to the specific purpose of each vehicle module.

Therefore, when the spark is lit aboard, we are prepared. Thereafter, we are gripped as the astronauts struggle together for warmth, conserve oxygen, seek ‘scrubbers’ to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning, and travel beyond the moon, when all they need is to get home.

This is a really gripping, brilliantly told story/ history. Bookwagon recommends Survival in Space to readers of all ages and stages. This Barrington Stoke title has been produced in a dyslexia friendly format.

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Survival in Space

The Apollo 13 Mission

David Long, illustrated by Stefano Tambellini

(Barrington Stoke)

Survival in Space seems so unlikely. Therefore, imagine the odds of that directive fifty years ago! When Commander Jim Lovell and crew mates Jim Sweigert and Fred Haise set off on a lunar expedition they have no idea of what lies ahead. When ‘one broken electrical wire’ causes ‘a tiny spark’ the attention of the world returns to lunar exploration. It had seemed as though there was an apathy after Apollo 11. However, this is different. For somehow, the three astronauts have to conserve their limited fuel, oxygen supplies and warmth, and head on past the moon. Furthermore, they must retreat to a Command Module designed to fit two only, and then for a very limited time. The odds are stacked against the explorers surviving. However, their training, determination, and the busy NASA engineers are at work.
David Long’s Survivors tells stories of people who worked against the odds. Ron Howard told the story of Apollo 13 in an award-winning film. However, David Long retells it to include the history of the space race, and the engineering and science involved. Therefore, we are better informed and more involved. Survival in Space is a riveting read that we recommend highly.
Dyslexia friendly format


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