Hold onto your chair legs and stay away from that volcano! Survivors contains the remarkable true stories of adventurers, heroes and ‘people in the wrong place at the wrong time‘ who overcame the odds. Just think of a sailor whose ship is torpedoed, whose survival is dependant on drinking shark’s blood!  

Survivors is gripping, seat of your pants, reading, and may make you never want to venture outside again!

(Who knew maggots were resistant to kerosene?)

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award

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Extraordinary Tales from the Wild and Beyond

David Long, illustrated by Kerry Hyndman

(Faber & Faber)

 David Long has retold the real-life stories of remarkable Survivors‘in this deservedly award-winning title. While some stories, like that of Aron Ralston, may be familiar from film, or because they occurred more recently,  the majority of the survival tales are entirely unfamiliar.
These include the story of the 17-year old school girl, a sole survivor of an Amazon plane crash. Then again, we’ve  the yachtswoman left to survive and chart the Pacific alone after an horrific accident. However, eery one is gripping, brave, real, horrifying and very readable.
Survivors may inspire you to climb a sheer icy northern mountain face, venture into volcanoes, or take up caving. However, this Bookwagon reader would rather read the stories than experience them.
We recommend Survivors to confident readers. Then again, we suggest that readers who enjoy this wonderful selection should also look toward this writer’s Spies. Once again, we see how real- life stories can be as astounding, or more astounding than anything imagined. Then again, we see just how effective David Long is at chronicling biographies and real events. Bookwagon suggests that this book would be wonderful to read aloud from and then to gift. What’s more this is the type of book to dip into and refer to anew.



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