Swarm of Bees


Swarm of Bees!’ You are feeling angry. Will you sting the bricklayer? The mother? The people at the food truck? The cat? Who will the swarm of bees take their anger out upon?

We watch the swarm of bees, following the boy with the wagon of tomatoes as he journeys through the town. Past the mother, the bricklayer, the food truck he travels. He watches the bird hunting cat. The boy looks up to the man watching television in his apartment, and at his neighbours. They are ‘playing card games on the balcony and the little cousin is about to win’. 

Lemony Snicket and Rilla Alexander have created a complex snapshot picture book. The journey is a panorama of a town, the home of a small boy with a wagon of tomatoes. It makes us wonder about our neighbourhood and what people might be doing at any one time. How are they interacting? Where are they travelling? To whom do they relate?

Rilla Alexander’s pictures are a fusion of Thurber and pop art. They lie on pages of white or bold pop colours, with yellow and black bee splodges and black line definition of character and setting. I love the repetition and story building, the question and answer, possibility and reason.

What do the bees want? Where is the boy going? Why does he have tomatoes? What’s he going to do with them? ‘Swarm of Bees‘ is curious, funny and really engaging. Bookwagon loves this picture book and recommends it highly!


Swarm of Bees

Lemony Snicket, Art by Rilla Alexander

(Andersen Press)– hardback

‘Swarm of Bees’– ‘Oh no! You are so angry! What will you do?’ Shall we follow the bees to discover? Will they sting the sailor? What might prevent it? Further more, will it sting a mother? Or a bricklayer?

Lemony Snicket’s The Bad Mood and the Stick is a Bookwagon favourite title. Like that title, ‘Swarm of Bees‘, it is clever, progressive and original. The popup art style pictures and receptive question and answer text are mesmerising. We are delighted to recommend and sell ‘Swarm of Bees’!


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