‘Sweep’, Ed’s bad mood grows. It builds into a pile that sticks and overwhelms him. His bad mood begins  with something small but gains pace and sweeps away everything in its path. Ed knows the mood has ‘gone far enough’ but he cannot help himself. ‘Sweep‘, the bad mood becomes bigger than him.

Ed cannot see the sky, he cannot realise any hope or release. What can be done? Something has to change. What might be whipped up to ‘Sweep‘ away Ed’s bad mood.

The comparison of feelings to weather is perfect. It demonstrates an empathy to the loss of control elicited by negative emotions. The whirlwind shape of Louise Greig’s carefully crafted words emphasises this allusion. Júlia Sardà’s varying perspectives and tones offer emotional empathy. ‘Sweep‘ is an outstanding picture book. Bookwagon suggests it is a splendid choice for classrooms, PSHE, P4C, or Circle Time sessions.



Louise Greig, illustrated by Júlia Sardà


Ed is in a bad mood. His mood has swept over him and stuck. It builds and envelops him and everything about him. ‘Sweep‘- Ed’s bad mood dominates so that he can see and feel nothing else. What is the solution?


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