Sweet Pizza


Mimi’s arrival at Joe’s family’s run-down cafe sparks a new-found interest in his Italian heritage. He learns about his grandfather’s past and their family’s arrival in South Wales. It ignites his determination to change his and his declining township’s present and future.

Bookwagon loves ‘Sweet Pizza‘. Every page is a joy, a discovery, a treat. This is a topical and readable story. ‘Sweet Pizza‘ was a deserved Carnegie Medal nominee. https://bookwagon.co.uk/2017/02/05/g-r-gemin-as-sweet-as-a-pizza-chewing-cow/


Sweet Pizza

G.R. Gemin

(Nosy Crow)

Cousin Mimi’s arrival stirs memories in the ‘Sweet Pizza‘ restaurant family. As they recall their move from Italy to Wales, business ideas flow and old scores are settled. G.R. Gemin has created an interesting, beautifully plotted and readable book. ‘Sweet Pizza‘ is a tasty treat!


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