‘Tad’ is the smallest almost-a-frog. She struggles to keep up with her tad sisters and tad brothers. Yet in the depths of the pond, Big Blub awaits- GULP!  Tad hides in the rocks and plants and wiggles as quickly as she can to safety.

Tad’s tadpole brothers and sisters grow- swoosh- wriggle-swish swish-wiggle- swoosh– losing their tails and moving beyond their little sister. Eventually, she is the only tadpole in the pond left to face Big Blub. What will become of ‘Tad’?

I love Benji Davies’ empathetic palette and descriptive language, the swirls of words and movement. The explosive conclusion is glorious. ‘Tad’ is a tender, compassionate, accessible and engaging picture book. I recommend it highly to younger readers, as a gift book, as the ideal choice to share and love.



Sometimes the biggest stories have the smallest beginnings

Benji Davies


Tad‘ is the smallest of the almost-a-frogs. She has to wiggle her tail twice as fast just to keep up! It is important to keep up, for in the depths of the pond lurks Big Blub! As time passes, the number of sisters and brothers declines so that soon she is alone. How might this little specimen keep safe from Big Blub? Furthermore,  might she escape the pond and leap into frog-dom?
Benji Davies makes us appreciate the small stuff of life. We pay attention to ‘Tad’, just as Noi watches the rock pools in Grandma Bird,. We’re aware of her battle to hide from Big Blub and thereafter her isolation. What a lot to take from one inspiring picture book!


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