Tale of a Tail


Prodigy Street seems like a rather ordinary street. Tom knows Sarah, a girl from school. There are several cats, including a vicious yowler. However, there doesn’t appear to be much to do or much of interest.

When Tom sees Mr Mirabilis moving into a house with a jungle garden at the end of the street, he’s intrigued. The little dog, Najki, that lives with this new neighbour is appealing and he seems to like Tom too. In fact, before long they are a closely bonded walking unit, one with an exceptionally special tale/tail to tell and share!

This is a witty, cleverly crafted and absolutely gripping story from New Zealand’s Queen of children’s writing. Bookwagon is delighted to have discovered this wonderful story that we recommend unequivocally to all readers aged from 6 years old. ‘Tale of a Tail’ is quirky, highly readable, warm and winning. What more could you wish for?


Tale of a Tail

Margararet Mary, illustrated by Tony Ross

(Orion Children’s Books)

Tom assumes Prodigy Street, where he has moved with his mother, is a rather ordinary street. Little excitement is offered, aside from several cats, including a yowler, and Sarah, a girl from school. When Mr Mirabilis and his dog Najki move into the house with a jungle, events take a peculiar turn. From wishing for excitement, to wishing for better weather, Tom is intrigued and then amazed by what he discovers!

This is a splendid book for all readers. It is approachable, fascinating and truly unique. There is real appeal in the plot and the characters. We are delighted to bring a Margaret Mahy tale/tail to our readers, especially one this classy! We recommend ‘Tale of a Tail‘ to readers aged from 6 or 7 years old.


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