Taxi, Go!


Taxi, Go! After filling the tank and checking the tyres, it’s time for this red cab to pull out of the rank to hit the day. Which passengers will it collect?

Could there be passengers speeding to an important business appointment? Then again, what about shoppers and dancers, sportspeople and actors? Furthermore, what about the route? This taxi has to be aware of speed limits and road signs, traffic lights and intersections. They’d have to take care if there was an emergency. Then again, they’d have to be very careful through busy alleyways or even if there was heavy rain.

Patricia Toht’s rhyming picture books are a joy to read aloud, recite, come to know well and draw so much from. What’s more here, with Maria Karipidou’s detailed pictures, we’re charting a course. In fact the way the perspective changes seems to mirror the pace and rhyme, activity and rolling out of the day.

Bookwagon loves and recommends Taxi, Go! to all our young readers. This is an exceptional and necessary book for every book corner!

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Taxi, Go!

Patricia Toht and Maria Karipidou

(Walker Books)

‘Wait until the/ green light glows,/ Look both ways/ and, Taxi, Go!’
Patricia Toht is a cornerstone in Bookwagon‘s picture books. It seems that from All Aboard the London Bus to Pick a Pine Tree, her rhyming picture books offer a rhyming narrative of our lives. In fact here, we step aboard a red cab as it travels ‘through an alley,/ Left. Then right,’ Then again, ‘On this street, / the traffic’s tight’. We watch the fire engines ‘Wee-wooo- weeee‘ past. Then again, we stop at high-rises, off load passengers to business meetings or football games. Then we course the streets ‘with shops‘ shuttling ‘folks/ from store/ to door’. There’s dances and plays and luggage to carry alongside sleeping passengers.
This is one busy cab! In fact, we follow this cab’s journey throughout the day. It begins with filling the tank and checking the tyres. Thereafter, we’re there when it’s hailed for the first time! Then the bustle begins!
Bookwagon loves this active, enticing rhyming picture book. What’s more Maria Karipidou’s pictures are bold and bright, mobile and inclusive. We recommend Taxi, Go! highly to our young reading audiences. In fact, we suggest it will be a firm favourite!


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