Ten Delicious Teachers


Ten rather foolish teachers have missed the last bus home. They decide to take a shortcut home through the forest, but fail to see a horde of monsters lying in wait for them.  Hoping they will be home for tea, they set off.  But the hungry bunch of mischievous and weird monsters are waiting for a tasty meal themselves.

This is a very funny and irreverent rhyming caper that introduces numbers 1 to 10 and features ten naive teachers… and ten VERY HUNGRY monsters.  ‘Ten delicious teachers, skipping home to bed. Clueless to the monsters in the forest up ahead…’.


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Ten Delicious Teachers

Ross Montgomery, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

(Walker Books) – hardback

In Ten Delicious Teachers, ten (!) rather foolish teachers decide to walk home through the dark forest, after missing the last bus after school.  Don’t they know who live in dark forests? Monsters, that’s who.  Soon enough, the teachers start to stray, or get separated from the group.  One by one, they are picked off by the monsters and await an uncertain fate.  Finally, there is only the nursery teacher left.
Fortunately, the nursery teacher is well experienced in dealing with badly-behaved little monsters!  Soon she is in charge and taming the forest monsters.  She has them enrolled in a brand new monster school where the lessons are about ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘don’t bite your friends’.
The carefully constructed story is told in rhyme and the numbers 1 to 10 are introduced.  It is a great fun book, where teachers are the victims, mostly because they show huge levels of stupidity! The super illustrations by Sarah Warburton of the cuddly monsters are delightfully un-frightening, while the disappearance of the careless teachers is handled with great glee, but all in the best possible taste!
Cuddly monsters also appear in Hello, Monster! while Space Tortoise is also by Ross Montgomery.  Both are available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.
Ross Montgomery’s web site is great fun, and an excellent resource.


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