Ten Fat Sausages


Ten fat sausages, sizzling in a pan, one went POP! and the other went….’ Well what did the other sausage do? What happens if the sausages decide they don’t want to fall into line with the rhyme? What if they decide on a path of escape? Where might they head? Could there be hidden traps?

With bold, poster bright illustrations, illustrative captions and speech bubbles, ‘Ten Fat Sausages‘ is ripe for reading. The repetition, the rhyme, anticipation of ‘what next?’, the opportunity to count and compare and consider are enticing to young readers.

Ten Fat Sausages‘ is a glorious, fun-filled contemplation of the potential of the rhyme. Fun, adventure and hidden dangers lurk. We recommend ‘Ten Fat Sausages‘ to our young readers.

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Ten Fat Sausages

Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Tor Freeman

(Andersen Press)

Michelle Robinson has taken the well-known rhyme and explored it with glee! What happens when ‘Ten Fat Sausages’ hear the rhyme too? Will they accept their fate, or might they escape? Read the book and find out!


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