Ten Green Bottoms


Ten Green Bottoms/ landing on the wall./ Ten green bottoms/ landing on the wall./ But if one green bottom/ should accidentally FALL/ there’ll be nine green bottoms/ landing on the wall’….

Little do readers know that the ‘bottom’ is not the most outrageous play on the words of this traditional song. In fact, in that fall, it seems that the bottoms are unleashed! Thereafter, readers will ‘bounce around the square’ ahead of ‘shopping in the store’. Then again, there’s time to head off with the ‘dumper truck‘ ahead of ‘dancing in the plants’.

However, at each stage, there’s some reason for a bottom to leave. Then again, where have they all come from? Furthermore, what if we arrive at ‘one green bottom going back to base/ – with a lonely face’? Could it be a reunion, and then a return to….

Bookwagon loves the rhyme, imagination, wit and colour of Ten Green Bottoms. We can imagine this being sung at bedtime, recited and thereafter quoted too. What’s more there’s an appendix with mathematical and drawing activities, before a roll call!

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Ten Green Bottoms

A hilarious counting rhyme- with alien bums

Barry Timms, illustrated by Mike Byrne

(Pan Macmillan)

Ten green bottoms/ landing on the wall….’ Yet what if one bottom should ‘accidentally fall’? It seems we’ve a mathematical parody to a traditional song to enjoy! What’s more, in the style of The Whales on the Bus, for example, there’s such humour and imagination.
For example, a bottom ‘whizzing out the door‘ from the ‘socks and pants galore‘. Then again, one that’s ‘dancing through the plants‘ after being a bottom in ‘fancy pants‘!
Barry Timms offers such variety to the bottoms’ appearances, while Mike Byrne’s illustrations are riotous, full of interest and upheaval! Furthermore, we’ve so much to anticipate and predict. What might inspire a bottom to leave the parade? Then again, what might we discover upon each new episode? A carousel? A zoo? A dinosaur exhibition? Then again, how on earth do we end up in… space?
Finally, there’s an appendix opportunities that invite readers to join in some alien adding upon fingers and thumbs. Thereafter, there’s a double page of drawing, before a chance to meet the bottom gang. Bookwagon loves and recommends the cheekiness of Ten Green Bottoms.


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