Marty fears for his mother. Since his father’s death, she has spiralled out of control, not eating or connecting, and building a conviction of conspiracy theories. School provides no respite for him; it seems to have judged him as a violent failure. Where can he get a break?

Daisy seeks refuge from the constant fear of her little brother’s medical condition. It weighs her down, pulling her family apart, separates her from her friends. She struggles to cope.

Is there anyone or anywhere to help these two? ‘Tender’ shares each of their stories. We tread in their footsteps, feel their fear, long for a light of hope and warmth of care. Eve Ainsworth has created an entirely truthful work; there is no melodrama or sense of exploitation or gavel banging. ‘Tender‘ lingers. It is a meaningful, ‘forever’ story. I recommend ‘Tender‘ highly for intelligent, committed older readers.



How Much Would You Care?

Eve Ainsworth


Marty and Daisy struggle with their home lives. Since his father’s death, Marty has taken responsibility for his mother’s mental health and well being. They both fear the tread of authority. Meanwhile, Daisy and her parents stagger under the weight of her little brother’s condition, and their fracturing relationships. ‘Tender‘ is true, relevant, heart-breaking and wonderful.

‘Tender’ is recommended as more suitable for older readers specifically.


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