That’s NOT a Hippopotamus!


Blobfish, pink fairy armadillo, naked mole rat- Don’s safari has every animal under the sun, but…. where’s the hippopotamus? Join this rollicking adventure as the ‘very best hippo hunters’ and ‘Miss’ seek a hippopotamus, and dismiss the ‘stinky rotten’, ‘slippery like an otter’ or ‘snuffling’ pretenders along the way.

Fresh, funny illustrations, with lots of avenues to explore and wonder upon, while the rhyme is bright and lively. We recommend ‘That’s NOT a Hippopotamus‘ for our youngest readers, to read aloud,  read alone, share, laugh and love.


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That’s NOT a Hippopotamus!

Juliette MacIver, illustrated by Sarah Davis

(Gecko Press)

Where is the hippopotamus? Could that be him? Join the zoo visit and see if you can spot the hippopotamus!  Active readers will applaud ‘That’s NOT a Hippopotamus

Best picture book award winner, NZ Book Awards, 2017.


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