The 1,000 year old Boy


Aidan is unhappy in his new home. He is reduced to joining an overlooked neighbour, spying on a strange boy in a cliff hidden home. This action provokes the unravelling of a secret so deep, mysterious and long-held that it can barely be understood. Alve- that boy, his mother and cat, have held their secret for 1,000 years. Now it is about to come crashing down upon them, revealing their identity to the world, and the man who has sought their secret for centuries.

This is a monumental book. I was moved and awed and overwhelmed by the idea and the construction of ‘The 1,000 year old Boy.‘ Ross Welford is a brilliant storyteller. In this book, he shows he is at the top of his game.

Bookwagon urges its readers to seek out ‘The 1,000 year old Boy‘. Rather like Alve, it is rare, glorious and deserving the acclaim that will surely come its way.

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The 1,000 year old Boy

Ross Welford

(Harper Collins)

Alve has lived safely with his Mam in the cottage beneath the cliffs for years and years and years. Before that, there was another village, a monastery, an age, Before that a journey… Alve has lived for 1,000 years. The secret of his eternal 11- year old self is about to be revealed thus provoking threat and danger…..
‘The 1,000 Year Old Boy‘ is an outstanding title from the creator of Time Travelling with a Hamster that we recommend to Daneland and back.


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