The Adventure Club: Tiger in Trouble


Adi and Rhyah have not seen Tara, the tiger cub adopted by Tilly for her birthday since the monsoon rains struck. Tilly is really worried. When she emails Julia, from The Adventure Club, it kickstarts a journey to India, where the team will help add motion sensor cameras, and hopefully catch sight of Tara and her mother.

However, the area is huge and the rangers’ responsibility is huge. Although Tilly, Leo and Anita are delighted to be helping out and learning about this nature reserve, they’re also worried about the tigers and then other dangers about which they learn.

When Tilly thought she’d miss her willow house school adventure club meetings over the holiday, she’d little idea that she’d be reuniting with the team from The Adventure Club Red Panda Rescue. Might this quest end up happily? Will the club be able to sight Tara and then make a positive difference to the nature reserve?

Bookwagon loves Jess Butterworth’s respectful research, information, understanding and superb storytelling. The Adventure Club: Tiger in Trouble is a really engaging, informative, confident title that we recommend particularly to  chapter book readers growing in confidence.

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The Adventure Club: Tiger in Trouble

Jess Butterworth, with illustrations by Kirsti Beautyman


Tilly has a list of plans to work through over the holiday. However there’s one problem. It seems that Tilly the Bengal tiger’s gift adoption is becoming a bit of a problem. After hearing about Tara’s progress regularly, it seems the cub and her mother are missing. What’s more, it seems there’s a monsoon. Might this be a case for The Adventure Club: Tiger in Trouble?
Although they’ve only just worked together in Nepal with The Adventure Club Red Panda Rescue, it seems Leo, Anita and Tilly are needed in India. Not only do the trio have experience now, but they’re focused, aware adventurers. However the rescue reserve is many miles away. What’s more, this area is ‘the same size as the whole city of London’. Not only is the crew seeking Tara and her mother, but they’re setting up motion sensor cameras. Along the way it seem there is a lot to learn about the area, wildlife and then the threats to individual species too.
Alongside the sights, smells, wonder and danger of this mission, Jess Butterworth offers comprehensive and informed advice. Therefore, alongside enjoying a really engaging story, we’re learning about wildlife, and our role on the planet. Bookwagon loves and recommends this second title about a Tiger in Trouble. We recommend this title, this series, highly, to our younger chapter book readers.


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