The Adventures of Harry Stevenson


Guinea pig, Harry Stevenson, has a perfect life. His hutch is cosy, he’s fed well and enjoys plenty of attention and food. Nuggets, broccoli, carrots and hay fill his thoughts and dreams.

‘The Adventures of Harry Stevenson‘ opens on the day Harry’s family move house. Initially, Harry is cautious, yet the day itself causes him to ‘popcorn’ in delight at the new smells and sensations. Dandelions? Blue sky? It’s all too tempting, especially when he’s been left outside to wait.

Our guinea pig’s reverie amongst the dandelions leads to ‘The Adventures of Harry Stevenson’. ‘Tigers’ (Mr Snuggles), cycle baskets, a load bearing dog and pizza deliveries play essential steps in Harry’s review of the situation. How can he ‘follow that van’ and be reunited with the Smith family? What further adventures are in store?

‘The Adventures of Harry Stevenson‘ is a truly satisfying, clever, charming adventure story. Bookwagon is delighted to add this lovely title to our recommended early chapter books.


The Adventures of Harry Stevenson

Ali Pie

(Simon & Schuster)

 Harry Stevenson is a perfectly ordinary guinea pig, with a perfect life. At feeding time, he sounds the klaxon- ‘weeeeeeee!’ . Harry takes lie ins between ‘carrots and broccoli, nuggets and hay’. ‘The Adventures of Harry Stevenson’ opens on the day that Harry Stevenson’s life is upended. How can he know that moving house will lead him on a desperado quest? These are adventures Harry could never anticipate!


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