The Adventures of Invisible Boy


Stanley’s overwhelmed by his first day at his new school. It seems his arrival coincides with the school’s Science Fair exhibition. What’s more, he’s expected to concoct an exhibit from the collection of odds and ends that he’s offered. He knows it will be a disaster. Or is it? Then again, what about Gene’s invention, a propulsor disc, so unlike the ‘Legos’ his parents are certain he works with deep within his lab.

Thereafter, what if Stanley’s need to be invisible leads to a collision with Gene’s invention that proves hugely calamitous? Could these unlock The Adventures of Invisible Boy? Then again, what if one part of this collision seeks a solution, while the other… Furthermore, while one seems confident and furious, the other is at a loss, or is he, truly? Could they ever collaborate? Arrive at something that works for them both?

Bookwagon recommends The Adventures of Invisible Boy highly to our middle grade readers.

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The Adventures of Invisible Boy

Doogie Horner


We know the dangers of strange chemical combinations from Batpig: When Pigs Fly. However it seems that Stanley is completely unaware. In fact, his thoughts are all about starting school and then creating something from scrap materials for the science fair. Little does Stanley realise that Gene has other plans, plans that his ‘propulsor disc’ will overwhelm all other entries at the science fair. Could this be a spectacular collision of uncertainty and evil purpose that results in… The Adventures of Invisible Boy? Then again, what are Gene’s purposes? It seems his parents despair, convinced that only ‘Legos’ and friendship might release their son. However, he’s on a mission, and Stanley’s just upturned it. Is there any way that unsuspecting Stanley might have triumphed at the fair, and thereafter could lead Gene on a different route?
Doogie Horner offers a superb graphic novel that combines being the new kid on the block with the plans of a potentially evil scientist. However with a perfect collision around the corner, might it be that Stanley and Gene could collaborate, learn something from each other and then arrive at a spectacular discovery? Is there fun to be had in being invisible? A chance to be recognised, fight fears and thereafter take risks?
Bookwagon recommends The Adventures of Invisible Boy to our middle grade readers.


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