The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens


Agnes is certain that pigeons can help the synchronised swimming routines that Team Pom invents. However Ruby’s environmental enthusiasms inspire the routine that they present at the Interborough event where they are roundly booed off. Who heard of an average score of 0.2?

It seems that Roberta’s inspiration is necessary here, so she leads the trio back to the history of synchronised swimming. Yet their research is rudely interrupted, leading them to seek out another place to plan and practise.

Team Pom are not the most popular or welcome trio in Shadyside. Therefore, when Agnes collides with the Peanut Butter Mafia while following a suspicious lead, she takes shelter. What she discovers changes everything. What’s more, the discovery appears to be able to communicate with Agnes. Can she help it?

The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens is a truly inventive, funny and entertaining graphic novel. We are compelled to explore deep into the pictures and words, realise the setting and applaud the individuality of our trio. What’s more there are villains to work against, not only in suits! Bookwagon hopes that the UK market will access further works from Isabel Roxas. Such initiative, imagination and innovation is welcome aboard our shelves.

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The Adventures of Team Pom Squid Happens

Isabel Roxas

(Flying Eye Books)

How can a pigeon fancier hold the key to events in The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens? It seems rather unlikely, but then so does a hunt for a youth-giving squid leading to a local swimming pool!
Then again, the synchronised swimming competitions are rather unlikely. Certainly Ruby, Agnes and Roberta appear an unsteady crew to enter the inter borough conference contest. They are up against The Brighton Beach Mermaid, glittery, creative and even more glittery! Then Team Pom’s routine is vastly different from any others, with its woodland props and tragedy theme. It’s little wonder that they draw ridicule. Yet might a history of the sport enlighten the trio? Maybe learning a little about the diving divas, possibly integrating the movement of pigeons? However, there seems little support for Agnes, or any of the team.
Thereafter, might finding a place of safety from those who mock them, lead Agnes to a huge, tentacled discovery? Furthermore, might her communication ability with pigeons help her speak squid? What does this cautious leviathan have in common with the Brighton Beach Mermaids? Finally, is it possible that a giant squid can evade capture from stealthy sources?
Not only is the story inventive, witty and outrageous, but the graphics innovative and delightful. Bookwagon loves the possibilities and feelings imagined, while Team Pom would score 10/10 on my scoreboard! We look forward to more books from Isabel Roxas. Like Jerry Craft’s Class Act and New Kid, The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens is assured, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.


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