The After Christmas Tree


The After Christmas Tree is lying abandoned in the street when Brian discovers him. Brian feels that the tree needs another chance, so brings her home.

While Brian are happy with this arrangement, other members of Brian’s family are uncomfortable. The tree attends meal time, sits alongside the family on TV, but bath time? Bath time? It seems the tree’s days are numbered…

Brian tosses and turns and frets when the tree is out in the cold once more. His night is full of dreams…. which suggest something magical. What might Brian discover when he opens his curtains in the morning?

The After Christmas Tree is funny, warm, imaginative and positive. We love the light touch, optimistic colours and beautiful story. We recommend this picture book highly as a perfect choice to share, gift, read and treasure.

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The After Christmas Tree

Bethan Welby

(Scallywag Press)– hardback

What happens to a tree on pavement left alone on ‘a grey day in January’? What might happen should The After Christmas Tree be noticed and thereafter taken home with Brian? It seems as though there might be a place set for her at the table. Thereafter, she could join the family to watch TV. However, what about bath time? Or even bedtime?
Might it be that it’s time for Brian to take his tree outside?
Yet, what will happen to an abandoned tree in January? Brian tosses and turns and frets and worries until he dreams a magical dream…
The After Christmas Tree is a delight. Its watercolour tones suggest the January greys and thereafter the family’s assumption of a neglected little Christmas tree. Furthermore, we realise Brian’s attachment and the tree’s impracticality. Yet the dream… Bookwagon suggests this beautiful book, in the style of The Christmas Eve Tree, is destined to be a classic title to be read throughout December, loved and anticipated once the warm glow of the season is over.



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