The Agathas


Iris Adams and Alice Ogilvie make an odd detective pair. While one struggles for money and works hard, the other lives in an isolated, gilded cage, it seems. However, Alice’s fall from grace has led to the school counsellor pairing them up, that Iris might tutor Alice.

However, that effort is derailed when Alice’s former best friend disappears after a Halloween party. It seems that her boyfriend, and Alice’s former boyfriend, is a suspect. Yet both Alice and Iris saw Brooke and Steve on the night of the party. What’s more, both girls have concerns about Brooke’s disappearance, her stepfather’s behaviour and then the way the police tackle the investigation.

During her ‘infamous’ absence, Alice was absorbed by Agatha Christie novels. It seems she’s taken on board the tactics of Hercule Poirot. Meanwhile, Iris is an A grade student, diligent and able to watch from the shadows. It’s now she’s managed to evade ‘the Thing’. Is it possible the pair might work together, The Agathas, maybe, to crack the case?

Bookwagon recommends this really gripping ‘amateur detective’ novel to our older readers. We love the way the chapters are told by alternate narrators, the growing respect the girls have for each other, and then the way the case unravels….

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The Agathas

Kathleen Glasgo & Liz Lawson

(One World)

Alice Ogilvie does not want a tutor to help her catch up. Then again Iris Adams has only agreed to Miss Westmacott’s suggestion for the payment she’ll get, whatever the outcome. It seems her circumstances are miles away from those of Alice. However, while Iris has watched Alice and her group, ‘the Mains’ for years, it seems Alice is completely unaware of Iris. Then again, it seems Alice is only focused upon Brooke and Steve and then to front out what has happened. It leads her to gatecrash the Halloween party at Castle Cove. However, Iris’s reasons for being in that neck of the wood, are secret and terrifying.
Therefore, when Brooke goes missing, both girls are called as witnesses. The fact that Brooke was once Alice’s best friend, and her boyfriend the reason for their split, is of interest to the police. However, Alice is frustrated by the police investigation. What’s more, during ‘the incident’ she built a new passion…. for Agatha Christie novels. Might it be that she and Iris could become The Agathas and investigate Brooke’s disappearance? After all, it’s obvious that they’re more diligent in their research. Then again, they know the people involved, and follow clues carefully….
Bookwagon loved this murder mystery for older, teen readers. We enjoyed the alternating narrative and the way the characters developed and were revealed. Readers who enjoy stories such as Not My Problem or Zara Hossain is Here are recommended The Agathas, particularly.


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