The Ape Star


Tord Fjordmark wants Gorilla’s scrapyard as part of his property development. Although the signs he’s erected in other properties he’s forced to leave suggest he’s building a spa resort, there is little evidence of any such project. How far will Tord go?

It seems that Jonna loses her resistance to Gorilla as she realises her adopter’s kindness and care. Then again, her lack of cleanliness appeals to Jonna, alongside the way that Gorilla is such a fascinating companion. What has led her to have such a need to read, for example, and then such a fascination for Oliver Twist? What’s more, how has she built up such a successful business? It seems that Jonna takes to that very quickly, just as she’s able to drive to Gorilla’s delight too. Yet, what is Gorilla’s story? Why has she chosen Jonna? Then, how can she hold off the judgement that’s shown her, and then, Tord Fjordmark’s plans…

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Ape Star aboard. This translation from Astrid Lindgren prize-winning writer, Frida Nilsson is a curious, warm-hearted, original delight. We love this title and recommend it to our readers.

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The Ape Star

Frida Nilsson

(Gecko Press)

Gorilla points out The Ape Star when she and Jonna take their excursion to the woods. She explains how these stars ‘shine dimly, sometimes brightly‘ and that they’re ‘bigger than others’ yet sometimes ‘they go out’. Jonna finds the story sad, yet she’s aware that she knows little about Gorilla’s life, or why she’s adopted Jonna. However, the two seem meant to be together.
Jonna doesn’t feel that way when Gorilla chooses her from Renfanen. In fact, even Gerd looks worried when Jonna’s chosen from the line up. However, at the scrap yard, the pair bond, over selling techniques and then fried eggs. In fact, it’s only the persistence of property developer Tord Fjordmark that threatens their contentment. Then again, Jonna’s aware of how people see Gorilla, for like her, initially, they are suspicious and judgmental. However, bit by bit, she, and readers, realise Gorilla’s story…
Frida Nilsson offers a unique, strong story in The Ape Star. Like Hattie, Jonna is furious, loyal and ingenious. However, her circumstances, like Gorilla’s, are mysterious. Then again, they both have trouble keeping clean…
Bookwagon loves and recommends The Ape Star for its originality, poignancy, humour and strength. We are proud and delighted to include another book by this favourite writer aboard our wagon.


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