The Apprentice Witch


As Colin says to Arianwyn, our seemingly failing witch, ‘I knew you were going to be amazing, Arianwyn Gribble. I knew you had something great inside you!’

From the moment I started ‘The Apprentice Witch‘ I was swept along, like Bob the moonhare on the road back to Arianwyn’s Spellorium. There is such confidence, such pace.

From individual glyphs, to witchcraft processes, demons, feylings, snotlings, hexes, or staggets-  James Nichol’s assured hand draws us in and has us believe in his heroine and her world.

I love the developing relationships, the townspeople of Lull, the threat of demons and darkness. It is hard to have to wait for next year’s promised sequel. James Nichol has hit the mark with a lightening, glowing, finger fizzing spell in this splendid book.

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The Apprentice Witch

James Nichol

(Chicken House)

The Apprentice Witch’ is Arianwyn, ready for graduation after her training. However, the unexpected and thoroughly humiliating occurs. What happens next unravels a wilderness of experience for Arianwyn, her grandmother, the townspeople of Lull, and readers!


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