The Aquanaut


Sophia”s uncle does his best to support her since her father disappeared on an ocean exploration. However he is absorbed by his research, compromised by the demands of Mr Lula at the Aqualand park. This theme park is failing, depending on the crowds that visit to see the frail captive orca’s performance. However, Aqualand is the only place that will hold Uncle Paul’s giant squid.

Therefore when The Aquanaut appears, it seems as though Sophia’s thrown a lifeline. Might this strange, walking, talking diving suit be a splendid exhibit before Mrs Wexler at school? After all, Sophia needs the extra credit on her grades. Yet this creature is not what Sophia expects. Then again, it’s nothing that anyone expects. However Mr Lula sees a commercial opportunity, while Sophia and The Aquanaut sense the need to unleash all that is held in captivity by his cruel control.

Yet can a young girl, and a confused group of sea creatures posing within a strange suited shell possibly overcome something so atrocious? Then again, what secrets does The Aquanaut hold about Sophia’s father? It seems to recognise her, and her uncle,  Paul Revoy.

Bookwagon loves the curious wonder, the empathy and the stirring, rich graphic novel telling skills evident in Dan Santat’s The Aquanaut. We recommend this exciting, funny, inventive title highly to our readers.

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The Aquanaut

Dan Santat


The Aquanaut seems to be the saviour of San Diego’s Aqualand. After all, who ever heard of a  living, breathing diving suit powered by sea creatures? However, it seems that this creation has washed into Sophia’s life. What’s more it brings secrets from the deep left by her oceanographer father, Michel.
While Sophia’s uncle agrees to anything Mr Lula, proprietor of Aqualand, demands, Sophia is different. What’s more, she knows her father would have had concerns about the giant squid that forms her uncle’s research. Then again, he’d be horrified at the state of the captive orca. It seems his health concerns the sea creature machine too. However, how safe is it? What if Mr Lula spies this wonder and seizes upon it as a way of making Aqualand profitable? Furthermore, just how much danger will this diving man and Sophia face should they defy Mr Lula and try to release all its captive creatures?
Dan Santat moves from the curiosity and captivation of After The Fall to a full graphic novel. Although the form is different the graphics glow with skilled penmanship, sympathetic tones and absorbing perspectives. Then again, this book is full of meaning and feeling, so that we care about what happens to Sophia and then this diving creature….
Bookwagon loves and recommends The Aquanaut. What’s more, we look forward to another story, so that we might discover what is hidden in Michel’s journal.


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