The Ash House


Dom names Sol after one of the Nicenesses which The Ash House children are taught by the Headmaster. It seems everything about this strange place has been set in place by the Headmaster. What’s more, each of the children live by his creed, unquestioningly, from their lessons to the chores that each is set.

There is some unease at Sol’s arrival. Not only do his questions unnerve the other children, but then evidence of his pain. Dom encourages him to hide his illness. Yet it is increasingly difficult. What’s more, when the Doctor appears, keen to listen to Sol and then ‘cure’ his pain, Sol does not hear the other children’s advice. It is only in the aftermath of his surgery that he begins to realise truths.

Yet do the other children? They seem to be caught up in the mystery of the house, from the healing of its ash to the keeping of the Shucks. What’s more, they’re determined that the Headmaster will return. After all doesn’t he always phone every day, though the calls stop with the arrival of Sol….

Debut novelist Angharad Walker offers a truly gripping, scary, clever and convincing novel. The Ash House is not for the faint-hearted, from middle grade reader to Bookwagon bookseller. Yet it is for any reader who appreciates confident, entrancing and wonderful storytelling!

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The Ash House

Angharad Walker

(Chicken House)

Sol can remember little, not even his name, when he’s brought to The Ash House. All that he is aware of is the constant back pain that he experiences, caused by a trauma some years before. Yet this place is like nothing he’s ever experienced. What’s more, Dom, who welcomes him, is overwhelmed by Niceness, something that is highly valued in this establishment.
It seems each of the children who live here live by this creed, dictated by their revered Headmaster. Yet where is he? Dom insists that he ‘phones them every day‘, yet he has not returned in three years! Meanwhile, the children learn through films, maintain a series of jobs and live strictly within the rules. What’s more, it seems that Sol’s illness disturbs the children so that Dom encourages him to hide it from them. Then again, the children are disturbed by Sol’s presence altogether, with only Dom demonstrating any faith or loyalty in this new pupil. It seems as though every question that Sol asks about this strange place ends up with dead end answers. Meanwhile the menace grows.
When the Doctor appears, promising to heal Sol, he is eager for his attention despite the warnings of the other children. Yet as the Doctor’s appearances become increasingly threatening, Sol realises something…
The Ash House is the debut novel from Angharad Walker. It is an exceptional title, woven with dread, shadows and peril. Like Oddity, there are deep secrets at work here. Yet can Sol and Dom convince The Ash House to face them, and the Doctor….


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