The Awakening Storm


Grace’s father, Nate, told her stories of dragons from Chinese legend. They included people like her, ‘half-breed’ Chinese, who were heroic characters of strength. Grace absorbed every story, so that when she and her mother join her stepfather in Hong Kong, her late father is held precious in her core.

What’s more, when an ancient, blue-eyed market trader pushes an egg into her hand, Grace hears the term used to describe her again. She recognises it from her father’s words. What does this egg have to do with her? Then again, what happens when the egg hatches into a blue dragon?

it seems the new friends she makes at her new school form into a quick, assertive band. They are aware that there is something charged about this dragon, and then Grace. What’s more, they’re aware that Grace and her dragon, Nate, are under threat, and seek to escape and then to work out what is happening. How does it connect to the old woman, and then Grace’s father’s stories? What’s more, what is it about precious stones, The Awakening Storm, and then the state of the art, top secret watch gifted to Grace by Hank, her stepfather? Finally, how does this relate to Grace’s father’s death…

Alongside a really gripping, convincing story from Jaimal Yogis, we’ve bright, explosive graphics, that captivate and engage. Altogether, The Awakening Storm is a really fulfilling graphic novel, the first in a series that we look forward to reading!

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The Awakening Storm: City of Dragons

Jaimal Yogis & Vivian Truong


Grace and her mother move to Hong Kong to support her stepfather’s job at the bio-lab. Although making such a change, and to a prestigious private school, is daunting, it is not long until something more demanding arrives. According to the ancient, blue-eyed trader at the market, Grace’s ‘half-blood’ is special. It seems that’s what Grace’s father told her too, alongside legends of Chinese dragon folklore. What’s more, this old woman passes over a blue egg, which hatches into…. a dragon.
Somehow, this dragon links to the stories that Nate, Grace’s father, told her. What’s more, her new friends, each with a different skill are keen to support Grace as the danger about this new ‘Nate’ dragon become apparent. It seems the dragon’s arrival suggests The Awakening Storm, feared in legend. Therefore, how can Grace care for Nate, stay safe and thereafter, deal with truths that unfold about her, and then her late father….
The Awakening Storm is a truly gripping, rich and multi-layered graphic novel that this Bookwagon reader consumed in one sitting! Jaimal Yogis and Vivian Truong offer a bold, explosive story that we recommend entirely. There is a sophistication, evident in other graphic novels such as The Aquanaut that we love. What’s more, it seems that The Awakening Storm is the start of a series. We cannot wait for more!


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