The Bad Guys

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Say hello to Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Snake and Mr Shark.  The Bad Guys.  They look pretty scary and they have a bad reputation. Now though The Bad Guys’ bad days are over. Forget breaking into bank vaults. Now they want to break into dog pounds and factory farms, to release the poor animals inside. Will their rescues go smoothly? Can they leave their bad guy days behind them? And will Mr Snake please stop swallowing Mr Piranha?

This is the first of a hilarious comic book compendium series, with laugh-out funny characters and jokes abounding.

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The Bad Guys

Aaron Blabey


They have bad reputations.  They look like bad guys.  Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Shark and Mr Snake walk on the wild side.  Best keep out of their way.  Now though, the Bad Guys want to be Good Guys.  They want to rescue puppies from the pound and save chickens from the battery farm.  But bad guy instincts run deep; can they change their ways?
This is a hugely funny comic book, with hilarious characters and brilliant visual and dialogue jokes.  Thoroughly recommended for a great laugh.  If you liked the Narwhal books, you’ll love the Bad Guys.

1 review for The Bad Guys

  1. Harry, 8y

    So funny, lots of good pictures, sort of like reading a film in a book cause they’re really real.

    • Bronnie

      They’re my godson’s favourite characters too. Thank you!

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