The Bad Mood And The Stick


Curly has been in a bad mood since seeing an ice cream shop yet not receiving an ice cream. The stick is an innocent party until Curly uses it to poke her brother. Her bad mood passes onto her mother. The stick’s appearance in the jaws of a raccoon frightens Lou so much that he falls in a puddle. What happens next is a game changer for ‘The Bad Mood And The Stick’.

What a crafty story. It’s closest to a Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen collaboration in its deadpan humour, but there’s a warmth and humanity of message that is really endearing. We recommend ‘The Bad Mood And The Stick‘ for an end of the school day story, bedtime story, or a title that is a great pick-me-up.


The Bad Mood And The Stick

Lemony Snicket, art by Matthew Forsythe

(Andersen Press)

You know when you just can’t explain why you feel grumpy? It might be a fall into a puddle, or not receiving an ice-cream. Or it could all be the fault of The Bad Mood And The Stick. Rather likeLouise Greig and Ashling Lindsay’s Sweep, Lemony Snicket examines the randomness of fury. Furthermore, there’s a mild pleasure in the feeling so that it can be gathered, drawn and imposed.
Matthew Forsythe’s pictures are symbolic and amusing, almost Gröening- like. The white framing is suspenseful too as we watch the mood follow. The Bad Mood and the Stick is a superb picture book with so much to follow and appreciate.


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