The Bear Stylist


The Tubbs family have a proud tradition as Crooked Mountain’s bear stylists. Promptly at 6:30 a.m each day, Ludo P. Tubbs begins his busy day, cycling about the various homes of the mountainside communities. What’s more, he’s able to adapt to the needs of his clients, from a braid-and-bun-a-ma-bob style for the alpaca twins, to a ‘snazzy blonde bob‘ for Mama Stripe.

However it seems that Leo has a problem when Leonardo ‘turbo-charge scooters‘ into Crooked Mountain. His styles are extravagant, daring and exciting. What’s more, it seems that Ludo’s regular clients seek Leo out for a change. Is it possible that Ludo can step up to the challenge? Then again, what will Leo do in response? Might it lead to a ‘Bear Stylist Supreme‘ competition? Can there only be one bear-dresser in Crooked Mountain?

Bookwagon loves the humour, warmth and engaging storytelling and rich, textured pictures of The Bear Stylist. We recommend this story highly to readers growing in confidence, particularly.

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The Bear Stylist

Steven Butler and Jacob Souva

(Little Tiger)

Hair styling is in Ludo’s blood. it’s what his family has done for generations. What’s more, he’s every gadget under the sun to create the most magnificent coiffures. However, when Leo arrives in town, Ludo faces stiff competition. It seems The Bear Stylist offers new, different and daring tricks of the trade. What can Ludo do? Will he throw in the towel or backcomb more daring and demanding dos?
Bookwagon loves the Little Tiger colour illustrations’ seres, including The Hat Full of Secrets and Two Sides. These titles offer a really satisfying narrative against empathetic pictures that bring the stories to life. In this instance, we enjoy pictures from Jacob Souva that are overlaid and brilliant and textured.
Then again, it might be textured that Ludo needs to consider. Is it possible that he’s up to ‘bright green bear- styles in the shape of a palm tree or orange braids’? Can his brave and inventive styles give Leonardo a run for their money? Or might it be that two bear-stylists is one too many in Crooked Mountain? Might it be that a human sized catastrophe at Mayor Munch’s prompts a ‘supreme’ competition? Surely a non- technically supported appointment with the Hopkins’ children would not be the decider…. Bookwagon loves and recommends The Bear Stylist for our readers, especially those who are gaining chapter book experience and confidence.


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