The Bear, The Book and The Blanket


It seems that Baby needs The Bear, The Book and The Blanket to go to sleep. However this could prove problematic for the bunnies putting Baby to bed this night.

For starters, The Bear is nowhere to be found? Then again, a search returns a collection of bears. Which one is Baby’s? Then again, might it be the one that Bobbie Bunny is holding so tightly? Might this prove a problem?

What about The Book? The bunnies are discouraged from pulling every book from the shelf. However the ‘right’ Book that Baby loves must be found!

It’s a bigger problem for The Blanket. How can the bunnies un-clean Baby’s blanket so that it’s ‘rumpled and crumpled‘ and ‘smells of cuddles‘?  Surely there can be nothing further needed? Can there?

Alongside a staccato ‘b‘-rilliant text, full of drama, solutions, humour and descriptions, we’ve illustrations that are minion like in their form and arrangement. Bookwagon loves the works of Lou Peacock and Ged Adamson. Together, they’ve arrived at a colourful, hilarious picture book that we suggest is bound to become a household favourite. To that end, Bookwagon recommends The Bear, The Book and The Blanket to our readers

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The Bear, The Book and The Blanket

Lou Peacock and Ged Adamson

(Nosy Crow)

It’s important to be ‘nice and quiet’ at Baby’s bedtime. However, what if Baby’s ‘wide awake‘? Could it be that baby needs The Bear, The Book and The Blanket?
It seems that a lot of bunnies result in a lot of bears, when that item’s searched for first. So which one is it? Could it be that Bobbie’s got Baby’s bear? We’re reminded how happy Bear’s presence makes Baby. However, Baby’s still in need of two other items to get to sleep. Where are books kept, and then which is the right one? Furthermore, what about blankets? Let’s hope it doesn’t demand removing all the books from the shelves? Then again, what if the blanket’s all squeaky clean? Surely it’s not as Baby knows and loves it? Finally, once that problem is solved, it must be that Baby’s ready to sleep? After all, isn’t everything in place?
Lou Peacock offers a phonically explosive, descriptive, hilarious and endearing bedtime book. The blue tinged bunnies, especially errant Bobbie, whom we meet in the introduction, are a triumph! Ged Adamson’s illustrations delight and amuse, as they do through his The Elephant Detectives. Bookwagon adores The Bear, The Book and The Blanket, and recommends it highly in hopes it might become a bedtime staple.


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