The Bear Who Did


‘Don’t mention honey!’ For it’s honey that kicks off the chaos that erupts all around two bears. How can one bad decision create such havoc? Meet The Bear Who Did. He’s the one who stole the honey, then hid when his actions were realised. When his housemate chases and roars after him, the cat, the dog and the birds escape. As the world comes crashing into the bears’ home, it seems, there’s a cry for ‘Help’! Might the rescue party help the contrite bear, or could the weight of numbers make the situation worse?

Louise Greig has created such a rich, clever, rhyming story, set against beautiful sweeping pictures that elevate the drama and hilarity! This is such a  brilliant chain reaction picture book. You’ll never believe what happens to The Bear Who Did. 


The Bear Who Did

Louise Grieg and Laura Hughes


‘This is the bear who did not steal the honey. This is The Bear Who Did. Will the scoundrel bear share his stolen honey?What happens when the well behaved bear is displeased and roars for the honey? Will the roar rattle the door, tip the milk and lead to an avalanche of problems? Watch out for the cat, leap out of the way dog for it’s all turning bear shaped!
What’s more the angry bear upends the birds that break the branch that floods the house, while a bad bear hides, asleep, beneath the table… What is the outcome of all of this? Will anyone hear the call for ‘Help’? Will the rescue effort go to plan?
Louise Greig is a wonderful writer. Bookwagon loves her titles such as Sweep. Furthermore we’ve enjoyed Laura Hughes’ pictures in titles such as There’s a Pig Up My Nose. Therefore, this is a rock the house combination with a dynamically rhyming, rollicking, adventure picture rich book! You won’t believe the chaos caused through one bear’s greed! Yes, ‘The Bear Who Did’.


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