The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear


Teddy bears don’t really care- normally when they’ve ‘NOTHING to wear’ but it seems that Albie’s different. It means that he growls when he’s asked whether he’s a Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear or Baby Bear. He just doesn’t know. What’s more, he doesn’t know which costumes are best for him?

Could it be the Infant Bear costume he wears on Monday? Or might this be all wrong? Then again, what about Tuesday’s ‘gold crown‘ such as a Prince would wear? Or even a Fairy Queen Bear as on Wednesday? Furthermore, if these don’t feel right, what about a Cowboy costume, or even a Pirate costume? A City bear outfit, or then a Cowboy costume? Will anything feel right for Albie?

Or might it be that he’s actually in the best costume at all? One that allows him to be free?

Bookwagon loves Brian Fitzgerald’s joyous pictures, and Jeanne Willis’ sublime rhyme. Then again, the humour, happiness and message in The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear are delightful.

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The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear

Jeanne Willis and Brian Fitzgerald

(Scallywag Press)

Bookwagon has enjoyed some tremendous titles from Scallywag Press, including NO! said Rabbit. We’re so happy to welcome The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear aboard, from Jeanne Willis and Brian Fitzgerald, therefore.
Albie’s not happy to arrive at his new owners without any clothing. It seems the’s bare. However, no clothing means that Albie’s not sure whether he’s a ‘daddy-, mummy or baby.’ It means that Albie ‘growl[s] a grumbly ‘Maybe‘- when asked‘. Then again ‘choosing costumes’ is a problem. For example, dressing like an infant? Could that ensemble prove the ‘wrong costume’ and not present to the world who he really is? Maybe he could be a prince with a ‘gold crown’ or even a ‘Fairy Queen bear’, a ‘cowboy‘ or ‘pirate‘? Or might it be that there’s seasickness involved with the last costume? Thereafter, what about being a City or Country busy bear? Then again, might there be a further option?
Bookwagon loves the rhyme, the working through the days of the week, the variety and fun. Altogether it means that The Bear Who Had Nothing to Wear is a riot, albeit one with a barely/ bearly concealed message!


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