The Beast of Harwood Forest


Pete, Nancy and Krish (our heroes from ‘The Invasion of Crooked Oak’, Dan Smith’s previous novel) arrive at Heathland Camp for a school trip.  The promise of adventure is minimal and the children aren’t looking forward to it.  But they end up in a totally unexpected nightmare.

Nearby the camp is an old abandoned building, which they discover used to be a Ministry of Defence research centre during World War 2. The crumbling buildings reek of secrets and at night strange screams come from the surrounding forest. The experiments that took place at the institute were top secret, so our intrepid trio set out to investigate..Before they get to the old buildings they have to traverse the surrounding forest.  This also is hiding a sinister secret, and the trio could be in real danger.  As matters escalate and the tension builds, the children are wondering whether some mysteries are best left undisturbed?

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The Beast of Harwood Forest

Dan Smith

(Barrington Stoke) 

In The Beast of Harwood Forest, our heroes from Dan Smith’s previous novel ‘The Invasion of Crooked Oak’ return.  Pete, Nancy & Krish find themselves in another spine-chilling sci-fi, spooky adventure.
They are on their Year 8 Geography residential trip to Heathland Camp.  At first, everything seems quite tame and the prospects for the trip are hum-drum. On their first night however they hear a chilling story from one of camp guides about the abandoned Harwood Institute.  This they discover to be an old Ministry of Defence research facility from the Second World War. Grisly rumours abound about what kind of research and development was carried out there.
Ghost stories, out of bound signs and strange screams in the night are too tempting to resist. The three sneak out later that night to investigate.  What they go on to discover is the stuff of nightmares.  Biological weapons, top secret and strange experiments and ghoulish noises are just some of the creepy things they encounter. For the children, it is a night they will never forget but can they keep the hideous secrets of the Harwood Institute?
Dan Smith has become something of a master of the sci-fi mystery thriller and this is no exception.  Check out also Boy X and Below Zero, also available in the Bookwagon on line store.


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