The Beasts Beneath Our Feet


The Beasts Beneath Our Feet is a wonderful fusion of prose by award-winning poet James Carter and vibrant, colourful artwork by Alisa Kosareva.

”Beneath our feet, way down deep are beasts asleep in the cold dark ground”

This book is an excellent introduction to the world of dinosaurs and fossils, using attractive (and very funny) rhyming language and evocative illustrations.  Here you can meet tiny trilobites, woolly mammoths and the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex.  Budding palaeontologists will be fascinated!

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The Beasts Beneath Our Feet

A Prehistoric Poem

James Carter, illustrations by Alisa Kosareva

(Little Tiger Press)

The Beasts Beneath Our Feet is a superb collaboration of poetry, information and vibrant illustrations about dinosaurs and palaeontology.  Dig down through the layers of the earth and discover the fossils and skeletons of creatures that lived in ancient times.
Award-winning poet James Carter and illustrator Alisa Kosareva have united to create a winning combination of words and pictures.  Furthermore, the rhyming script flows effortlessly, superbly enhanced by the artwork.  Moreover, even some of the awkward dinosaur names glide off the tongue with ease- even for this bookseller! The creativity of the rhymes are both amusing and informative:
“The meganeuropsis soared through the sky – an early giant dragonfly” and “All these FOSSILS where to see them? Take a trip to a museum!” These, for example, offer a sense of the wonder and spectacle of what we might discover!
The narrative poetry concludes by planting the seed of curiosity. What lies in store for the future? We can imagine the intrigue of those fascinated by fossils and dinosaurs, particularly! Thereafter, why not grab a bucket and spade and dig down deep to see what can be found.  Maybe your reader will become the next palaeontologist!
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