The Best Kind of Bear


Bear is ‘The Best Kind of Bear‘ but what does that mean? Although he likes napping, he cannot hibernate like a big brown bear. While he loves playing, Bear feels cold in the snow, which means he is not a polar bear. Could he be a sun bear? Bear likes climbing, but a sun bear can move so high and so quickly! While Bear loves honey, he doesn’t love it enough to invade a hive and risk a sting attack!

So who is Bear? Nelly says he’s ‘my kind of bear‘. What does that mean?

Bookwagon loves this warm, enquiring, inclusive title. Bear’s enquiry is considered and likely to ‘ring bells’ for all readers. Who are we? To whom do we belong? Are we ‘The Best Kind of Bear‘?

Greg Gormley has created a beautifully plotted, descriptive story, rich with thoughtful considerations. Nelly’s affection and the understanding of the creatures whom Bear approaches are delightful. The writer’s text is enhanced by the warm afternoon-toned pictures of David Barrow. What a beautiful, ‘forever’ picture book!


The Best Kind of Bear

Greg Gormley & David Barrow

(Nosy Crow)

‘The Best Kind of Bear’… what does that mean? Although Bear is a ‘dear little bear’ he doesn’t know what kind of bear he is. Maybe he’s a big brown bear. Big brown bears like napping and so does he! Possibly Bear’s a polar bear for he loves playing like polar bears, although maybe not quite as much in snow! Could Bear climb like a spectacled bear? Or run with a bee’s nest like a sun bear? What will Bear discover in his search for identity?
Bookwagon loves this tender title. It is reminiscent of David Barrow’s picture books such as Fergus Barnaby Goes on Holiday with such empathy and tolerance. Who is Bear? What is ‘The Best Kind of Bear’?


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