The Best Place in the World


Hare plays with his friends, the rabbits, running and chasing across the meadow. He asks them, ‘Is this The Best Place in the World‘? Their games fulfil them and they delight in the meadow. Yet Hare is not finished. Thereafter, he asks other friends, from the little birds to Bear whether they think that where they live is the best place in the world. Eventually, Owl suggests that Hare should explore for himself.

He travels across great grasslands, and climbs tall mountains. Thereafter, he gazes across sunset oceans and ‘gushing rivers and waterfalls‘. Yet at every point, Hare considers how his friends would love each spot. Eventually he realises what makes ‘the best place in the world‘…

Petr Horáček’s colours are exquisite. His huge, emotive landscapes and warm gatherings of creatures prove inclusive and suggestive of wonder, nurture and possibilities. The Best Place in the World is a glorious picture book that Bookwagon recommends to all young readers.

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The Best Place in the World

Petr Horáček


As they gaze across the meadow, Hare asks ‘his friend, the rabbits‘ whether this The Best Place in the World. However their answer that they can ‘run and chase‘ is not enough for Hare. Thereafter, he asks his other friends. Bear reminds Hare that there are bees in the meadow. Not only does he love their honey but he loves ‘sharing it‘ too. Yet Hare continues to ask the same question of the little birds and then Duck. However, when he asks Owl, he’s met with the suggestion that he should ‘explore the world and find out for [him]self’. 
Thereafter, Hare leaves home to walk through ‘the most wonderful fields and orchards’. He travels further and sees ‘gushing rivers and waterfalls’. When he climbs the mountains the thinks how much the birds ‘would love it’. Furthermore, he thinks of honey and Bear when he gazes at the sun across the sea.
Will Hare find The Best Place in the World, or has he known what it is all the time?
Petr Horáček’s tender picture books tremble with warmth, empathy and wonder. Bookwagon adores them. We have followed his illustration for some time:- Petr Horáček blog. Furthermore, we recommend other titles by this picture book maker, including Grumpy Duck and Blue Penguin. Therefore, Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Best Place in the World aboard.


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