The Big Beyond


In ancient times, people created animal shapes from the constellations they saw in the night skies. They wondered what lay out in The Big Beyond. Telescopes opened up the heavens so that astronomers could realise and begin to work out what they saw. Thereafter, humans dreamed of flight into space until 1957, when Sputnik was launched. The countdown had begun for real.

James Carter and Aaron Cushley plot the course of mankind’s wonder and experience of The Big Beyond in this poetry picture book. We chart history and look forward to what may lie ahead. To conclude, James Carter offers a timeline acrostic. This book is beautifully created with such tender, informative text and empathetic, wondering pictures. Bookwagon recommends The Big Beyond to any would- be space explorer.

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The Big Beyond

The Story of Space Travel

James Carter and Aaron Cushley

(Little Tiger Press)

‘How deep is space? How far are stars? Does planet Mars have life like ours?’ These are some of the questions that people have asked ‘thick and fast’ about The Big Beyond. After Once Upon a Star, poet James Carter reconsiders space in this poetry picture book. Thereafter, we look anew at the ‘starry beasts’ of the constellations in our night skies. We remember how telescopes opened up the night skies to astronomers and sky gazers.
Finally, dramatically, illustrator Aaron Cushley leads us to 1957 with  a rocket blast of Sputnik across our portrait pages! We watch the cats and dogs and astronauts, explorers and cosmonauts who experienced life in space.
The Big Beyond is a dramatic history of space exploration from early considerations to possibilities of the future. It concludes with an acrostic timeline. This picture book is a superb way for young stargazers to realise the progress made in our understanding of the night sky. Furthermore, it offers considerations of the past and future alongside accessible and interesting facts in celebratory style.


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