The Big Book of Birds


The Big Book of Birds‘ is the complete guide to birds and their behaviour. Yuval Zommer, assisted by bird expert Barbara Taylor, has created a ‘forever’ title of anecdotes, facts, enquiry and observations.

Why do birds migrate? Why is a puffin called a puffin? Why do birds sing? Can a parrot talk- really? There is so much to learn, discover, comment upon and enjoy. This is a masterclass in information book creation! Yuval Zommer’s brightly coloured collage and watercolours offer a glorious nest egg setting, too.

‘The Big Book of Birds’ is an indispensable guide to birders, but a book rich with information and interest for any reader. We are proud to recommend and sell this ‘forever’ book.


The Big Book of Birds

Yuval Zommer

(Thames & Hudson)- hardback

Yuval Zommer leads readers on a glorious expedition through the bird world. In the opening pages he asks, ‘Can you find exactly the same egg 15 times in this book?’ How could you keep up the search? There are so many other riches to discover! Do you know which bird has the most feathers? How do birds recognise each other? Why does a kingfisher linger over a water pool, bobbing its head before diving? A parliament of facts within rich avian settings make ‘The Big Book of Birds‘ a ‘forever’ title. We are proud to recommend this beautiful book.


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